Organic Chemistry

Click here for a page on organic chemistry, with on-line practice! Look for the "Practice Problem" sections, with the pull-down menu that says "Choose a Problem." We'll go through some as a class.

Printable versions of in-class presentations

Are chronologically listed below. Remember that some multimedia links (video clips in particular) won't work, as the links are for files on my computer, not yours =). All files are in PDF format. If any item isn't clickable yet, it's because it isn't linked to yet, but will be soon.

  1. Organic Redux
  2. Organic - More Review
  3. Alkane Reactions
  4. Markovnikov's Rule
  5. Esters
  6. Aldehydes and Ketones (the Carbonyl group)
  7. Tollens' test
  8. Ethers
  9. Alpha-acid Analysis of Hops
  10. Chemistry Lab Reports (from Edith Cowan University)
  11. Amines
  12. Amides
  13. Thiols
  14. Quantum Chemistry
  15. Quantum Bonding
  16. Polarity
  17. Heat and Enthalpy
  18. Communicating Enthalpy
  19. Hess' Law
  20. Rates of Reaction
  21. Rates of Reaction II
  22. First-order Reactions
  23. Reaction Mechanisms
  24. Equilibrium
  25. ICE
  26. Le Chatelier's Principle
  27. Is it there yet? (Q)
  28. When K is known, but insufficient ICE is present
  29. Solubility as Equilibrium
  30. A Reintroduction to Acids and Bases
  31. Weak Acids and Bases
  32. Salts, Hydrolysis, Amphoterism, and Lewis